A tailoring job

Taking care of your boat is essential to ensure that it gives you the same performance along the years, just like when it was brand new, or why not, even improve it.

Often, a total refitting requires a major investment but for many boats it can determine new value, as well as a new life. Knowing when and how to intervene, and especially with which structure, is a key factor in not turning an investment into a large expense, with the risk of the boat not returning to a new life.

In this field, Bullet Marine has combined the passion for skills, the specific experience of a young team, and has the ability to offer its customers the appropriate support for various types of intervention.

For prestige and business operations in finding the most original or convenient boats to be re-flowered with total refitting as for assistance and surveyor in extraordinary maintenance or partial restorations

Repair, fixing, renewal and painting are just some of the many activities that can be summarized under the term refitting: a set of services dedicated to your boat for the improvement of its structure and its systems and internal systems. We like to define our “sartorial” work, you dream about the dress and we make it.

Experience therefore, but also professionalism, seriousness and familiarity: that’s why choose Bullet Marine.